We raise our puppies on our farm in the Karoo and our dogs have lots of room to run and play. We apply a policy of selective breeding – thus ensuring healthy, fit bitches and puppies. We take pride in our breeding and take care in making sure that they have a kind nature and temperament. Our breed standard starts with breed type. Once we have decided that the bitch is worthy to breed with, we go about to find the proper stud to mate. Those physical characteristics, temperament, overall proportions, balance, soundness and health are important.

We do our best to make sure our puppies go to their new homes as healthy and well socialized as possible. Our puppies are sold when they reach 8 weeks of age. All our pups are vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and registered.

We deliver our pups to most major airports in South Africa and we have even shipped our pups to the Island of Tristan da Cunha, Kenia, Namibia, Mozambique and many more far away lands.

We love to hear from happy families about how well their new puppy is growing and filling their lives with joy.

We apply breeding restrictions on all our pups which can be remove on request.

Contact Us

Ironel Lotter
Mobile: 0845168317
Email: ironel@vodamail.co.za

Willowmore, South Africa

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